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Maintain, develop company to become a company with experience over 100 years. Our motto is “staff will be happy if customer is happy”. We determine to build a strong company as well as to bring staff a great happiness and interest at work. We are trying our best to make customers feel happy because the customers’ satisfaction is also our happiness and it will bring company to a sustainable development.


Always listen and understand expectation of customer, bring benefits to society by doing works that other people cannot do. Never stop creating new products and services following our motto.



“Satisfaction of Client is our top priority”

In the future, Vietnam economy would grow at a speed no less than the period of rapid economic growth in Japan. In this context, along with the growth of the information technology industry, our company attempts to bring the convenience for customers. First is IT applications in other fields of internet, then base on techniques of the IT infrastructure to create applications that provide satisfaction to our customers.

Our company will provide professional solutions that were collected in offshore development projects from Japan.

The most important thing in our business is the balance among Quality – Price – Speed. In addition, human is a core value. With our company, the importance in business is training staff because after being trained, people will create new incremental value for company. This is our key strategy to satisfy customers’ satisfaction.

Our motto is to always satisfy customers and to pursue the goal to bring the convenience to customers with all our heart.


Company name
: Sorimachi Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Establish date
: November 2006
: 100,000USD
: 40 (Sep, 2015)
: 261 Nguyen Trong Tuyen Street, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel. / Fax.
: +84 8 3849 5557 / +84 8 3547 0441
Main services
: Software development / Website design service / System maintenance service
: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank - Branch in Ho Chi Minh City, ABBANK
Group Companies
: Sorimachi Corporation, Sorimachi High Technology (SHT) Corporation


October 2006 Establish Sang Tao Sorimachi. Joint Venture Company
June 2007 Moved office to the present address
November 2007 Changed company name from Sang Tao Sorimachi Joint Venture Company to Sorimachi Vietnam Ltd.,
Investment License: Manufacture of computer software
February 2011 Mr. Sakurai Yasuo hold the position of Director
September 2012 Changed Sorimachi Vietnam Ltd., to a company that is 100% Japanese invested
Investment License: Manufacture of computer software, maintenance and design Website, and the system maintenance services
August 2015 Mr. Sakurai Yasuo quit the position of Director
September 2015 Mr. Takahashi Akihiko hold the position of Director


Every year, the number of orders from Japan tends to increase, so the Japanese skill is also encouraged because of these projects. However, Japanese is not a simple language, the staff has to not only study specialized vocabularies but also associate them with programming skills, which makes the comprehension of Japanese becomes more difficult. About Japanese language abilities, our company carried out following criteria:

■ Most of employees have Japanese skills over level 3 (3 kyu). Especially, our company's programmers can read and understand all specialized documents. Moreover, the goal of our company is that all employees must have ability to discuss directly with Japanese Clients.

■ Established Japanese language classes to improve Japanese skill of employees. The key of success in studying foreign language is the daily practice, so our company organized a suitable environment for employees to learn Japanese in one hour per day. All weekly meetings and reporting documents were also done in Japanese. If you visit to Sorimachi Vietnam, you will satisfy with the Japanese skills of our employees for sure.

■ Our company has a communicating team with Japanese skill at level 1 and 2. They can communicate with Japanese Client in all ways including "reporting, contact, and discussion". Main tasks of communicating team are translating documents and supporting programmers.

■ Because our company has not only Vietnamese communicators but also Japanese employees, we are able to flexibly process all problems and tasks that require high-level Japanese.

■ Our company often takes employees to go to work in Japan for a while. The staff can work for Sorimachi Japan, so they can improve practical working experiences, learn the customs and culture of Japan and improve Japanese language skill.